Steve Cha

Steve Cha is an author, speaker, and evangelist. He is most known for spending three years in Hollywood preaching the gospel message to famous actors, actresses, directors, and musicians. These true stories are documented in Steve’s debut book, Hollywood Mission: Possible, which has been featured on such media outlets like, Christian Post, and Korea Times.

Steve graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Asian American Studies from the University of California Los Angeles. He currently attends The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, CA, where he is currently working towards a Master of Divinity. Steve is also a member of IFCA International.

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    An evangelical known for his outspokenness in defense of the Christian faith, Albert Mohler tackles yet another important and controversial topic in the book We Cannot Remain Silent. As the title says, the book is about using biblical truth to speak to a culture redefining sex, marriage, and the meaning of right and wrong. And […]

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Speaking Events

  • Church of Joy

    March 22, 2015

    3938 Wilshire Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA, 90010
    Phone: 213.351.9975

    Time: 12:45pm-1:15 pm
    Topic: TBA