Tempted and Tried Book Review

November 30, 2012 5:17 pm

I got this book free from Crossway Publishing in exchange for a book review, which is entirely of my opinion and not a mandatory positive review: 

Temptation is a struggle amongst all Christians, and an important theme of Christian living. How does one live a righteous and godly life without overcoming the lures of temptation? This is what Russell Moore discusses in his excellent book, Tempted and Tried, which is an important and inspiring book on the overcoming sin. This book examines the sinfulness of our hearts, reveals the role of Satan in such temptations, and ultimately grounds the solution in the gospel, which helps us overcome sin and temptation.

The book is divided into 7 chapters, and the author uses Jesus’ temptation account in Matthew 4:1-11 as the basis for his presentation. He goes through each of Jesus’ temptation (bread, security, and kingdom) and shows how these are the sins that each of us struggles with right now. He explores the need to feed on God’s Word more than the need to feed physically in Ch 3, the need to be trust in God instead of being rescued in Ch 4, and the need to crucified rather than magnified in Ch 5.Mooreuses Matthew 4:1-11 skillfully to show that Jesus overcame temptation on our behalf so that He can be the perfect atonement for our sins. This applies to the salvific issue, yetMoorealso shows that Jesus’ encounter in the wilderness also provides an excellent model to overcome sin and temptation, which is entirely beneficial to the Christian’s sanctification. This is where the passage becomes extremely practical and somewhat inspiring.

Overall, the book is one I would highly recommend. It is theologically accurate, yet easy to read. The author uses many personal accounts to illustrate the points of temptation he lays out (the slaughterhouse Drive example in Ch 2 proves to be one of the more apt ones as it relates to the lure of sin). Yet,Moore’s book does not become overly casual or conversational. The book turns out to be a respectable exposition on Matthew 4:1-11 and work of tremendous value because it is heavily rooted in the gospel message and the cross. Because of this, Christians have the basis, the inspiration, and the tools to turn from sin and live out the life God purposed for us in Christ. The gospel is where it all begins and ends.

This book would be worthy edition to your library, especially if you are looking for books on Christian living. It is ideal for laypeople, but also good for pastors who are looking for continual edification and good stories and illustrations to share with others. 

Book Grade: A-