Official Review: BibleWorks 9

February 25, 2013 6:27 am


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I recently got a complimentary review copy of BibleWorks 9 software for my PC computer. This was a tool that I was definitely looking into, considering I am a seminary student involved in Hebrew Exegesis and will be getting into Greek Exegesis later on this year. The BibleWorks Bible software is also a very helpful tool for pastors looking for extra resources in exegeting chosen passages based on the original Greek and Hebrew languages. This is one of four reviews that I will be posting regarding this BibleWorks version that was released in 2011:

This digital software or biblical exegesis and research is the newest and most comprehensive Bible software to date. It is composed of three discs, which includes uploads of practically every language translation in existence, along with various Hebrew and Greek manuscripts such as the OT Greek Pseudegrapha and the Hebrew Heshitta. Various English translations are also included, such as the ESV, NIV, NASB, and the KJV. It is commendably comprehensive in having just about every English translation, which can all be displayed on the same screen for comparative purposes, along with the Hebrew and Greek texts of your choice.

The software includes a much needed How-To-Video which shows you how to nagivate the software with a little more ease. The features are so extensive that it is a bit overwhelming at times, especially with the aid of the How-To-Video. Nevertheless, the video is easy to understand, and most of the important tools you will need to access (such as the texts for display) is fairly easy to figure out. The video contains good, specific categories to learn what you want to figure out, such as the Search Window, Browse Window, and BW Editor.

In terms of researching the original Scripture texts, BibleWorks 9 gives you everything you need. The main screen is divided into three sections: the first section is devoted to word searches in the Bible, which occurs when you double click on a particular word (such as “righteousness) in the text in the middle section. The middle section is the display of Bible verses, which can be seen in individual verses (with a vertical tile of Greek and Hebrew texts of the same verse as well). Entire chapters can also be displayed depending on your needs of the moment. The gem here is the parsing of the verbs, which the third section to the right displays when you place your arrow on a particular verb, describing the verb’s meaning, origin, and usage. Even nouns and adjectives have a commentary note as to its syntactical significance and role in the text.

The third section seems to incorporate many tabs, such as words, context, version, browse, and manuscript. It is a quite diverse, but with such a sophisticated and comprehensive system, it is to be expected. What seems to be very useful is the Notes section where you can type in any notes that you want to jot down for particular verses that you are on at the moment, which aids much in the studying process. The resource section is also helpful, giving information on the source of the verb parsing and word definitions from lexicons such as Brown, Driver, and Briggs English Lexicon and Schaff’s Early Church Fathers.

By far, BibleWorks 9 is quite an enjoyable and impressive tools. There is still much to explore, but so far, it seems like I’ve already got so much out of what I have been exposed to. The word study for exegesis is marvelously laid out and well documented, which is one of BibleWorks 9’s amazing strengths as a Bible tool. The citation of resources and page numbers are also very helpful.

In the next review, I will post more of the features that are on this amazing software.