TOPIC: Knowing Islam and How to Reach Muslims

DESCRIPTION: This week we will have a special guest speaker name Tony Yu. Tony is one of the most passionate evangelists in LA and has appeared on the radio station 99.5 KKLA multiple times to teach on evangelism, apologetics, and even the 16th century Protestant Reformation. He is especially skilled in the knowledge of Islamic theology, and has evangelized to Muslims in Africa during missions as well as Muslims at various Mosques in Los Angeles county.

Tony will be teaching us about the origins of Islam, its teachings concerning God, Jesus, salvation, and obedient living, how that compares with the Bible, and various tips on how we can most effectively reach Muslims with the gospel. Tony will provide excellent resources for us, and there will be a brief Q&A session at the end of the night, so if you have any questions, write them down and bring them. This is a lesson you don’t want to miss, and encourage you to invite to anyone interested in getting equipped in this area!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Dinner: 7:00-7:30 pm (please be on time if you plan to eat)
Study: 7:35-8:45 pm

Meeting location:
Kumon Math and Reading Center
4820 Fulton Avenue
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


MENU: This week will be potluck dinner. Pizza, wings, soda, salad, bring it on! =)

NOTE: Once again, please remember to park on the street or in the Rite Aid shopping center across the street. The businesses are pretty strict about only letting Kumon customers park in the lot during business day