BibleWorks 9 Review Part 3

This is the third part of my review of Bible Works 9. The part I decided to look into this week was the Tools section, where I came across a Phrase Matching Tool. This is basically a mode used to find a selected key word that is found throughout Scripture. I found it to be a tremendously helpful tool for seeing how many times a phrase or word appears in the Old and New Testament in its identical or similar form. You can type in just about any verse, with any Bible version such as NAS, and find the exhaustive list of similar phrases, which is helpful for exegesis and exposition.

            The KWIC/Collocation section is a similar feature. Once you type in a key word or phrase, the search entire pulls up the word frequency. The tool section also has options to color texts, which proves very helpful in highlighting certain texts or phrases to remember for studies. The vocabulary flashcard module is also a welcome addition, since I am currently studying Greek, this tool is definitely helpful in memorizing Greek words, verbs, conjunctions, etc. The fact that this section even has various menu options, such as printing the flashcards, make this an astounding feature of BibleWorks 9!

            What I also found interesting, and possibly useful for academic work, is the Diagramming Module. This is a feature that allows any Bible verse in the NT to be block diagrammed in order to understand the word’s relationship to each other within the sentence. This is especially helpful for seminary work, and allows one to better understand the structure of the original Greek text. It includes everything from Subject-Verb to Indirect Object diagram options to the left side of the screen. The display, with the Bible verse selected, is to the right of the screen.

            So far, I find the BibleWorks 9 software to be an outstanding resource. It is well equipped in everyway, possibly even more than what I could possibly use, and I am still beginning to discover more everyday. It’s just a matter of learning the functions, which I plan to do more expertly as time goes along.

The final review is coming in the next post.