Book Review: Churchless by George Barna and David Kinnamon


The number of churchless adults in the US has increased by nearly 1/3 in the last decade. Statements arise such as “I’m not interested in church” or “I used to attend, but it’s been years.” George Barna and David Kinnaman documents this alarming trend in the new book Churchless, which gathers together a number of research statistics (by Barna) and objectively analyzes the downward trends of churchlessness and Bible illiteracy in the US. It is a unique book and an insightful one as well, documenting many interesting subject polls (such as the number of churched in the US, salvation methods, Bible inerrancy, views of the afterlife) and describing how they differ from results a couple decades ago. The numbers make the message clear: the Christian influence is rapidly waning in the US.

 Churchless does not propose to be the solution. Rather, it documents the figures and describes what we can learn from the mind of unbelievers so we can get an idea of why they fall away from the church or what issues they are struggling with in life. In this sense, this is a good resource in order to understand issues that we should be aware of (as well as those doctrines that we should never compromise). This is one of the most thorough books that describe the state of the unbeliever’s thoughts concerning many biblical issues.