Book Review: Contagious Disciple Making by David and Paul Watson


Contagious Disciple Making is a book on discipleship, most specifically in the context of church planting and church growth. It is a short, but practical, book that teaches you many essential components that go into planting churches, helping them grow, and maturing believers in the faith. The book speaks about attitudes of a Disciple maker, practices such as evangelism and prayer, and discovery groups that help make the connect people to the local church.

This book is a helpful resource on discipleship and church ministry. Even Chapter 2’s discussion on contextualization of the gospel to foreign cultures are quite insightful. It’s not about watering down the message or making the church like the world in order to draw it in. Rather, it is about removing the non-essential barriers that would hinder non-Christians (in certain cultural contexts) in coming to Christ. Although the book is a little methodized at times in speaking about its discipleship process, it is still a helpful resource to take into consideration when doing church planting.

Note: I got this book complimentary from I was not obligated to give a good opinion, but only my honest response.