Book Review: It’s Not What You Think by Jefferson Bethke

It's Not

Jefferson’s Bethke’s new book, It’s Not What You Think, tackles the subject of Christian living in a unique way. The whole premise of the book is that Christianity is not just about a ticket to the afterlife, but that it has significant relevant and ramification for the present life. That is why Christians must see the significance of the kingdom of God as something we are to live out in our day to day lives.

While it is true that Christianity affects how we live and how it impacts society, the major concern I have with this book is its tendency to confuse the mission of the church with what the righteous actions of believers is suppose to be in conjunction with that mission. We are called to preach the gospel to all creation with the hope that unbelievers will respond and be saved. That is the essence of the Christian mission, and to much degree, the Christian life. However, it is true that the Christian is also called to live holy and godly, and be living testimonies of salvation to a lost world.

In general, I see this as an inspiring book for Christian living, but I can’t quite recommend it as a book concerning the church’s mission or what the gospel is.

Note: This book was provided complimentary by I was not obligated to give a good review, but only my honest opinion.