Book Review: Messiah Origin by Mark Arey, Kai Carpenter, and Matt Dorff











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Messiah: Origin is a Graphic Novel/Comic Book chronicling the life of Jesus using selected accounts from the Four Gospels. This is the first time that I have read, or am reviewing a graphic novel. I don’t quite know how to approach this, but all I can say is that I enjoyed this graphic novel by Mark Arey, Kai Carpenter and Matt Dorff.

The novel begins with a prologue based on John 1:1-18, which speaks of God as the self-existent one who was before the Word, which led to the creation of time and matter, and of course, the sending of Christ into the world in human flesh. The novel then goes to the nativity of John the Baptist, the nativity of the Messiah, Mary and Elisabeth, the birth of Jesus, the Birth of Jesus, all the way to the documentation of His genealogy as recorded in Luke.

It’s not a thorough account of Jesus’ life, since it does not include the last days of His life (including His death and resurrection). I figured this since the graphic novel is Volume 1, and there is more to come. The drawings are quite nice. I wouldn’t say that they are top notch drawings. They are bit sketchy and story-boardish for my taste, but still very fascinating and moves the plot along just fine. The use of verses in each frame is also appropriately light to the point where it is easy to follow. This graphic novel is accessible where even children can understand it.

Overall, I would give this work a good recommendation, especially if you like comic books or if you want a great visual tool to teach others the word of God in visual form. It is engaging and entertaining.