Book Review: Radical by David Platt


The back cover description says it all for David Platt’s hit book Radical, the NY Times bestseller that has become one of the hottest Christian living and discipleship books in 2011. The author’s intention is to challenge the readers to consider if they are truly living the Christian life Jesus told them to live. If they aren’t, is it because they have bought into the ideology of the American dream, or the comfort of Westernized Christianity? In bold, straightforward, yet compassionate manner, Platt discusses what Jesus actually said being a disciple was like and challenges the church to undergo a radical transformation to live in such a manner.

David Platt does a tremendous job in speaking forth his message with clarity and biblical accuracy. He touches on certain themes that are much overlooked in American Christianity and challenges the readers in ways that they should be challenged. What’s commendable is how he is able to tackle such a subject with such boldness, considering it’s a hard one for many Christians inAmericato swallow. The author ties his work up nicely with the final section that guides Christians on how to live out the life Jesus outlined for them. This book is both a hard message and a practical tool for Christian growth that surely serves discipleship well.

 However, be warned that it may be an uncomfortable piece for certain Christians to read, especially the nominal ones. As mentioned, it is bold and often times preachy, which may lead readers to be turned off because of a possible guilt trip it induces. The book’s overall message is also a bit familiar, because it has been explored in different ways by other authors such as Francis Chan and Ray Comfort. Yet Radical is still unique in its own way because of its particular angle on the American dream. Such a work makes for a nice additional to the world of Christian literature.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this book. If you are an American citizen and have lived under the influence of modern Christianity, then this book will be one of the most important Christian books you can ever read. This book will give you the proper inspiration and motivation to take your Christian life to a new level, and to see important universal issues that you may not have really thought about.

Book rating: 4.5/5 stars


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