Book Review: Raised by Jonathan K. Dodson & Brad Watson

Raised by Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson explores the question, “Did Jesus really rise from the dead?” It is an apologetics books that is short and to the point, delving into Scripture, as well as going into philosophical points from time to time that argues for the resurrection of Christ. It is divided into four chapters, beginning with the issue of Doubting the Resurrection, to how the Resurrection shaped History and How the Resurrection Changed Everything.

 As a whole, this little book is a neat little primer on the resurrection. I wouldn’t say that it is the best book I’ve ever read on the resurrection of Christ (simplistic at times), nor the best evidence or argument ever presented, but it presents some good food for thought for a short presentation that would be a good opener or a good introduction. For that, I would give it a good recommendation. 

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