Book Review: The Happy Christian by David Murray


David Murray’s new book, The Happy Christian, is an uplifting, yet biblical, exploration of the joyful Christian. Contrary to appearance, it is not a prosperity book or even a Christian self-help book with loose connections to the biblical theology. It is actually a Bible-based, theological book on what defines a happy Christian. Is there such thing as a happy Christian? Is it okay to be a happy Christian? What are components that make a happy Christian? These are all questions explored in this unique book.

 The 10 Chapters provide an insight, deep, yet accessible, study on the nature of being a joyful believer. It explores such topics as the gospel message, and a Christian’s relationship and interaction with the world in work, media, church, the world, and selfless practices such as giving. As I said, it is a book centered on the Bible, with appropriate verses and passages, but is also filled with good illustrations, statistics, scientific research, and references from modern culture that make this book not only fun to read, but applicable and relatable.

 This is a book I would gladly recommend. It is an inspiring and much needed work that gives a believer a reason to be joyful, especially amidst life’s trials, temptations, and tribulation. Many Christians struggle with being happy and joyful in a gloomy and hard world, wondering if it is really appropriate for Christians to be happy. The argument from Murray’s book is that it is appropriate, and necessary to be joyful to endure in the work of Christian growth and ministry. And this book lays out the proper guideline for what things should make a Christian happy versus what should not.

 Note: I received this book free from I was not obligated to give a good review, but only my honest opinion.