Book Review: The Sacred Year by Michael Yankoski


The Sacred Year is a new book by Michael Yankoski. It is somewhat of an autobiographical book with themes of reflective Christian living, which is meant to teach and inspire us to live out a more fulfilled and meaningful Christian life. It is the story of the author (who constantly speaks about the importance and need to live a life of faith) stepping out in practice of it. That is the meat of the book.

Yankoski describes his different experiences that cause him to contemplate its beauty, mystery, and significance in relation to who God is and what He purposed for believers. This includes acts of fasting, observing Sabbaths, the practice of confession, his journey into the wilderness, and the practice of gratitude. What’s helpful about this book is its easy to read narrative, along with the atmosphere that author is able to describe through his experiences. You really feel what he is feeling and seeing the sights and hearing the sounds. The book also has some depth in that it is a theological, spiritual reflection on each on of these experiences, broken down by chapters. This is meant to show what the author learned and experienced, and how that relates to Christian living.

Although I can’t say that all of Yankoski’s “spiritual beliefs” are biblical or theologically accurate (especially in his somewhat ecumenical approach to the Christian faith), I can say that, for what its worth, the book is very inspirational, reflective, and soul-searching. It really causes the reader to reflect on the Christian living, which is not just learning, but doing. It is about putting faith into practice. In that sense, the book is quite good in helping you see the importance and value of things in life that should foster humility, gratitude, and self-less service to others.

Note: I received this book free from as part of their review program. I was not obligated to write a good review, but only my honest opinion.


Reviewed by Steve Cha, author of Hollywood Mission: Possible: