Book Review: The Truth of the Cross by R.C. Sproul


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The Truth of the Cross is a simple little book that explains the meaning and significance of the cross, and in essence, the gospel message. Not only is the gospel misunderstood and constantly under attack by the non-believing world, but also within the evangelical camp by liberal theologians and heretical teachers. That is why a clear cut explanation of the cross and its relevance to our lives is of utmost importance, and makes this book a welcome edition into the line of current Christian literature. To seekers, this book will be a great introduction, and somewhat of an extended gospel tract, on the meaning of the cross and the general gospel message. For believers, it will be a good reminder on the foundations of the Christian faith and rightly informs us how to understand the cross and explain it to others.

 The book is broken up into 11 chapters, with the first chapter explaining the challenges to the message of the cross throughout church history, leading to the split views of Augustinian, Semi-Pelagian, and Pelagian stance concerning who God is and who man is. The book then explains the character of God in His justice (how He must punish sin), the debt and depravity of humanity, and the solution of justice satisfied, as well as a clear cut explanation of the cross. Every important doctrine from forensic justification to imputed righteousness is elucidated and made clear, which makes Sproul’s gospel presentation very thorough and clear cut.

 In all, I highly recommend this book, especially to people who may not understand what the gospel is, whether unregenerate believers or seekers of the Christian faith. It is a rather small but meaty book that will cause you to ponder the significance of the cross and why it is more important to one’s life that one expects. Eternity is at stake, which is why its message is so needed in this day and age.

 Note: I received this book as a review copy from Reformation Trust Publishing. I was not obligated to write a good review, but only my honest opinion.