Book Review: We Cannot Be Silent by Albert Mohler


An evangelical known for his outspokenness in defense of the Christian faith, Albert Mohler tackles yet another important and controversial topic in the book We Cannot Remain Silent. As the title says, the book is about using biblical truth to speak to a culture redefining sex, marriage, and the meaning of right and wrong. And Mohler does so quite insightfully.

There are quite a few books these days that speak about the issue of homosexuality from a biblical standpoint. So why is another one so necessary? Mohler’s new book is not merely about what the Bible says about homosexuality – whether it is sin or not. Rather, it speaks about how the homosexual/transgender movement is part of a broader sexual revolution that has swept the nation in the past few decades – all of which has challenged biblical morality and religious freedom in fundamental ways.

Starting from the legalization of birth control and promotion of contraceptives all the way to no-fault divorce and sex outside of marriage, the sexual revolution that started gaining momentum in the 1960s have already been paving the way for the public’s acceptance of same-sex marriage and transgenderism. The common tread is pride and self-fulfillment in the name of happiness and privacy. When the foundations and gravity of marriage have already been weakened by moral decadence starting from the 60s, it is easy to see why same-sex marriage has been accepted as a valid practice in society.

The book is insightful because not too many books on the topic of homosexuality and transgenderism have really revealed the root cause behind the homosexual movement. By doing so, Mohler has given us food for thought. Homosexuality is not virtuous by any means, but is another sad product of the sexual revolution, and weakening moral state, of the country. The same spirit or sentiment that allows for free practice of no-fault divorce and fornication is the same one that underlies the “need” to legalize same-sex practices. By delineating the history of the sexual revolution in America during the last 50 years, we see the consequences of what happens when a people, especially an apostate and liberal church, abandons the authority of Scripture in favor of secular opinion or sentiments. This gives us all the more reason to stand by the truths of Scripture and to defend it in such times.

I would highly recommend this book for any Christian or non-Christian seeking a fresh and much needed perspective on the homosexual revolution of our days. Since Scripture teaches that homosexuality and transgenderism is unbiblical, it is imperative to see why, and this new book by Mohler demonstrates how even history attests to the immorality and unnaturalness of this recent movement. It will help you think about whether we truly are “on the right side of history,” or whether this movement is part of the moral decline that the nation has been facing in the last few decades. This book is excellently researched. The author defends the truth, but also does so compassionately and recognizes that we are all sinners in need of salvation, which is why it is also a gracious and compassionate call to reach people in this movement with a sense of sympathy. I believe this is one of the most Christian books in the category of social issues and general topic, since it is impacting much of the nation. The welfare of the family, as well as religious liberty, is at stake, which is why the message in We Cannot Be Silent is important, and must be heeded.

Note: I received this book as a complimentary review copy from I was not obligated to give a good review, but only my honest opinion.