Book Review: What’s Best Next by Matt Perman


What’s Best Next is a new book by Matt Perman that explores the topic of the gospel and productivity. It does not necessarily speak about excelling in the work place, but in any areas of service to others and working for the glory of God.

It is first and foremost centered on the gospel. Without this understanding, working is merely another chore to get ahead in the world or to serve one’s own motives. However, the gospel shows us why we should serve others, love, and sacrifice ourselves for others. It is because Christ showed it us first on the cross. His life was also exemplary. This gives us the motive to be productive, which is for the greater motive: for the glory of God. This is the foundation behind the discussion in the 24 chapters of the book.

 Whether you are working professionally, in ministry, or even serving others in your household, I recommend this book. It is a great theological and practical discussion on why work is important and should be done with a proper understanding of the gospel in mind. It literally changes everything. It gives you the motive to be productive for God’s glory. You will find this book to be encouraging, and even life changing, since it contains practical exercises and models to put this theology into practice.

Note: I received this book free free I was not obligated to give a positive review, but only my honest opinion.


Book reviewed by Steve Cha, author of Hollywood Mission: Possible: