Celebrity Evangelism Story: Annette Bening and Ed Harris on The Look of Love











If you’ve been following in on Project A-List (on Facebook and Twitter), I reported on April 17 that my friend Jonathan Khan worked on the movie The Look of Love and had a chance to give some gospel tracts to the film’s two lead stars, Annette Bening and Ed Harris, after the production wrapped for the day. In order words, Jonathan had a chance to bring the gospel message to these two celebrities.

What was their reaction? 

It was quite funny actually. When Jonathan gave Ed Harris a Million Dollar Bill tract, he said to Ed, “Hey Ed, did you get your Million Dollar Bill yet? Read the message on the back, that’s worth more than a million.” Ed gave Jonathan a weird stare, as if saying, “Who are you, talking to me?” Nonetheless, Ed just took the bill and walked away back to his dressing room.

Jonathan then approached Annette and said the exact same thing to her while he handed her the Million Dollar Bill tract. However, Annette had a very bright and cheerful personality. She took the bill, all smiley, and said to Jonathan, “This must have a positive spiritual message on it, doesn’t it?” 

I have no idea how Annette knew the tract had any sort of spiritual or religious content on it, but it seemed as if she were open to the things of God. What a blessing.

Let us pray for the salvation of these two actors. Especially Ed Harris. Maybe throw in Warren Beatty at the same time, since he’s Annette’s husband.

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  • Andria

    Thanks for your heart to reach the lost. I am currently sitting in my little house in rural Minnesota sipping a cup of coffee and bawling my eyes out. I am soooo far removed from Hollywood that I can’t relate in ANY way to what it’s like or what celebrities go through but for some reason God has given me a heart for celebrities and so I sit here and cry and pray for them. Maybe that’s my mission… To pray from afar. I’ve always been burdened for celebrities and when people gossip and ridicule them my heart breaks and I pray for freedom, deliverance and salvation! So I all praying for you as you reach out to those that I can’t reach out to myself! Thank you for your obedience to God in this mission he’s given you!