Meeting Ray Comfort on Hollywood Boulevard



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by John MacArthur

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Moody Publishers, 1983 (2012 edition)




Last Sunday, I was invited by evangelist Ray Comfort to help him shoot footage for a new short film ¬†that he is working on called Genius. It’s suppose to be like the next 180, 33-minutes that will rock your world. This time the subject won’t be on abortion, but will focus more on the issue of life/death and the gospel message. And it will use the life of late Beatles-member John Lennon and his song, Imagine, as a springboard to stir people’s curiosity about fame, fleeting life, and the existence of heaven and hell, which is mentioned in the lyrics of the song.

Just giving you a heads-up in case you’re wondering what Ray is working on next following his immensely successful 180 documentary. I don’t know if Genius will be as big of a hit, but I know that it surely be a great evangelistic tool. I’m looking very forward to its release later this year.

Here is a YouTube clip of me walking down Hollywood Boulevard, about to meet Ray at 11 am. If you’ve read my book Hollywood Mission: Possible and are curious who Jonathan Khan is and what he looks like, now you are about to find out. Jonathan came with me on this day and he is in this video:

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And here is a video of Ray interviewing a nice gentleman trying to sing John Lennon’s famous song in front of the camera. Amusing, huh?:¬†

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