The Biggest Question: An Evangelism Resource to Consider

Evangelism is important to the Christian life. It is our mission; what we’ve been called to do (Matt 28:18-20; Mk 16:15). Yet, many of us miss good evangelistic opportunities to speak to random people we meet in everyday life. The least we can do is give them a tract or DVD if we don’t have time to talk to them, or vice versa. 

Looking for that perfect DVD that proclaims the gospel in a simple, powerful, and accurate way? This may be what you are looking for: The Biggest Question. The gospel presented by Todd Friel, Ray Comfort, Emeal Zwayne, and Voddie Baucham. For information on how to get copies, visit:

Give it out to a friend. Give it out to a co-worker. Give it to the cashier in restaurant or supermarket. Give it to a bank teller. Put it on a car windshield. It’s that simple. Do what you can to get someone saved.